Top 10 Best Outdoor Doormats in 2020

Outdoor doormats tell a lot about the condition of your home like your levels of hygiene, the design, and outlook of your home, and how attractive your it is. An eye-catching outdoor mat inflicts a welcoming feeling in your visitors and makes your home feel hospitable. 
Beauty, however, is not all it takes! Your outdoor doormat should be good quality to withstand tramples and walk-overs by everyone accessing a door into the house. Different doormats are designed for different environments to withstand varying amounts of pressure.
The increase of manufacturers and outdoor doormat brands on the market, however, makes it difficult for you to get the ideal doormat that fits your personal preference as a customer. This article gets a little more into addressing that. 

After a comprehensive search on the market, testing most of the products, and looking at different customer reviews on different social sites, we are able to compile a list of the 10 Best Outdoor Doormats in 2019. During the review, we considered many factors including the features of the product (durability, versatility, attractiveness, the material used, etc.), customer experiences with the products and more to help you make an informed decision. We also included a buyer’s guide for outdoor mats and answered some of the FAQ about outdoor doormats. We hope our list helps you in your next outdoor doormat purchase.

Let’s dive right in.

1. AMAGABELI Garden and Home Outdoor Door Mat

This product combines the best features of the ideal outdoor doormat for your home, garden, deck or patio making it the top on our list. It is made of heavy-duty polyester fiber and rubber, which makes it durable and resistant. The product is available in different colors and shades and a low-profile design that fits on your door without trapping it. The Anti-Bacterial system maintains hygiene and allows your mat to dry quickly. The high levels of durability, eye-catching design with different shades to choose from, and anti-slip, the anti-bacterial system makes this product our editor’s pick. 

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This product is made of heavy-duty rubber and polyester fiber, which makes it extremely durable and resistant to extreme pressures. It is ideal for entrances where many people walk through including homes with animals. 


You get a variety of colors and shades to choose from when you decide to buy this product including different shades of brown, black, blue and green.

Anti-slip and Anti-bacterial 

The product comes with anti-slip and non-skid features that prevent falls, minimize dangerous slips and floor damage. The anti-bacterial system allows your mat to dry quickly and prevent rot or fade that contains harmful microorganisms. 


Heavy duty and durable

Attractive look and low profile, eye-catching design

Anti-slip and anti-bacterial technology

Easy to clean 


Not ideal for wet environments

Thinner than expected 

2. Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat

This product is durable because it comes with high-quality, all-natural rubber construction. This also makes it strong, flexible and yet soft making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It also comes with a woven polypropylene fabric which allows it to easily resist mud, absorb moisture, and easy to clean. With four color designs and a variety of patterns to choose from makes it one of our top three products in the review. 

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This product is made with 100% natural rubber and reinforced with woven polypropylene fabric that makes it extremely durable. The construction helps to trap moisture and dirt and makes it ideal for outdoor and indoor home use, patios, decks, and other high traffic entry areas. 

Sleek, Low Profile Design

It comes with an attractive, low profile design that makes it ideal for low entryways and low-clearing doors. There are four colors and an array of stylish patterns to choose from to enhance your decor.

Easy to Clean 

This product is made with polypropylene fabric that is easy to clean and dry. It is easy to use a broom, shake off dirt outside, wipe or vacuum.


Extremely durable

Easy to clean

Attractive design and patterns

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use  


Not ideal for wet areas

Releases a bad odor if not dried  

3. GrassWorx Clean Machine Metro Doormat

This product is manufactured by a reputable US company with over 50 years’ experience in the industry. It comes with clean machine scrapping technology that allows it to hold and hide up to a pound of dirt in a week. The product is durable and works well in all weather conditions including muddy, snowy, sandy, grassy areas. It is also durable and in a variety of colors and designs. 

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Reputable Manufacturer

This product is made by one of the most reputable manufacturers of outdoor dcor products – GlassWork in the US. The company has operated for over 50 years now and sold over 50 million mats across the globe. 


It comes with genuine AstroTurf scraper blades that help trap and stop dirt at the door and keep your home clean. It also resists mildew and mold during wet conditions without fading its color.

Easy to clean 

The product is extremely easy to clean. You can shake off the dirt beneath the surface, wipe with a wet cloth or vacuum the product without a hassle. 


Made by a reputable manufacturer

Extremely easy to clean

Durable construction and attractive design

A versatile mat that can be used in different environments  


Not as durable as other products on the list

Only a few color shade and patterns to choose from  

4. Durable Dura-Rug Recycled Fabric Tire Outdoor Entrance Mat

This product is not only durable, but it also comes with one of the best designs on the list. It is made from recycled tire fabric, which makes it extremely durable and effective in keeping your home clean. The tire is reinforced with mesh construction and carpet-like weave to absorb moisture, trap mud and dirt from foot traffic. It comes with an attractive design and is easy to clean and dry. 

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This product is made from post-consumer tires and reinforced with open mesh construction and galvanized steel rods to withstand heavy foot traffic for a long time. The carpet-like surface adds to its luxurious features and prevents wear and tear. 

Eco-friendly product

It is made from recycled tires, which makes it an eco-friendly product. This makes it a product that is helping the world make good use of post-consumer rubber instead of burning, which causes air pollution.

High profile design  

This product comes in different color shades and designs making it attractive for any entrance. The high-profile design makes it ideal for doors with larger bottom spaces. 


Extremely durable construction

Environmentally friendly product made from recycled tires

Attractive design and outlook

Effective mat for keeping your house clean

Ideal for extreme weather conditions.  


Pricey than most other products

Not ideal for oily or greasy entrances.  

5. Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Welcome Doormat

This is a Turkish product that combines some impressive features for the ideal outdoor mat for your home, patio, garden or deck use. It is made from durable rubber reinforced with carpet material for an attractive finish. It works efficiently in trapping dust, mud, preventing slips and keeping your home clean at all times. It is also good in absorbing moisture and quite easy to clean. 

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This product is made from rubber and nylon pile reinforcement, which makes it durable and capable of withstanding pressure from high foot traffic. It is also perfect for litter or pet feeding areas because of stain resistance and ease of cleaning. 


It is available in a variety of color shades, shapes, designs and patterns to fit your preferred area of use. The different designs make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


The non-slip backing from the rubber used to make this product makes it stay in place and prevent slips and accidents when scraping dirt or mud from your feet.


Durable rubber construction

Manufactured by a reputable Turkish company

Gentle on your floor and tough on mud and dirt

Available in attractive design, patterns and color shades  


Thinner profile than expected

Not ideal for wet conditions  

6. Kempf Natural Coco Coir Doormat

This product comes with some of the best and eco-friendly features on the market. It comes with coconut fiber construction, which makes it biodegradable and environmentally friendly compared to other products on the market. It is available in a low-profile design allowing most doors to open over it. The coconut fabric is woven to maintain the durability and make it work effectively.

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Eco-friendly construction

Compared to other products in our review, this is by far the eco-friendliest product. It is made from 100% coconut fiber and woven on the sides to maintain durability. 

Low Profile Design

It measures 1 inch in thickness making it ideal for most doors because they easily open over it.

Effective in keeping out dirt 

Coconut fiber has a good texture that easily removes grime, mud, and dirt from your shoes without scuffing them. It is also easy to clean and requires regular dusting off to stay clean. 


Eco-friendliest product on the list

Attractive natural look and design

Easy to clean  


Not as durable as other products on the list

Not ideal for wet conditions.  

7. SlipToGrip Universal Duraloop Mesh Entrance Welcome Mat

This product is ideal if you are looking for a doormat with universal design, anti-slip, durable construction, weatherproof surface and easy to clean. It is made from PVC material and soft Polypropylene fiber that makes it durable, weatherproof and easy to clean. It works perfectly to absorb moisture, trap dust and keep off the dust from your home. It is also large with a universal design that makes it attractive at any entrance area.

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It is made from PVC with soft Polypropylene reinforcement, which makes it durable and easy to wash. The high-quality construction makes it ideal for use on your patio, deck, garage, laundry room or any other mild-traffic entryways.

Anti-slip and Weatherproof

The product comes with an anti-slip grip surface that prevents slipping during use. It is also weatherproof, moisture resistant and comfortable on your feet. It offers you many benefits like increased coarseness and easiness of trapping and scraping dirt from shoes.

Easy to wash  

Washing this product is fairly easy because of the soft Polypropylene fiber construction. It helps to keep the mat dust free and clean always.


Durable and attractive product with a universal design

Ideal for different weather conditions

Easy to clean

Anti-slip technology construction  


Color shades are a little different from actual product

May have creases depending on how it is packaged  

8. NoTrax Brush Step Entrance Mat

This product is ideal for outdoor and hard surfaces. It is easy to wash and does not fade even after continued exposure to harsh weather. The product comes in a rectangle design and features a scraping function. The product is made from high-quality polypropylene which guarantees durability and excellent performance. It comes in a charcoal color and different designs.

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Scraping function

The product is suited for customers looking for a mat that can catch debris, you can easily scrape your shoes and feet on the mat owing to its soft texture. Its design makes it possible for you to use it in the kitchen, entrance doors, laundry rooms, and even garage doors.


This product is made from high-quality materials making it very durable even in the event of exposure to rain, sunlight, and snow. It has a charcoal black color that makes it difficult to lose hue.

Easy to wash  

This product is remarkably easy to clean, unlike other products it dries rather quickly especially when placed in a warm room. The polypropylene fibers require a light scrub to completely remove all the dirt and debris stuck on the surface.


Suited for all weather conditions

Very durable

Easy to clean

Includes a scrapping feature

Offers excellent performance  


Can only be fitted on hard surfaces like floors

Does not have a variety of color options  

9. Apache Mills Masterpiece Aberdeen Welcome Door Mat

This product is made from heavy-duty rubber that is recycled from old tires. It has attractive designs molded in deep and strain resistant channels that are suited for scraping dirt off shoes and feet.

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The product is made from quality rubber that is difficult to damage even after exposure to rain and snow. It has excellent service and can last a long time before the need to replace it. Even so, it can be placed on entrance doors, kitchens and washrooms.


This is one of the few products that is made from environment-friendly materials. The product is ideal for customers with an interest in environmental conservation.


This product gives you a wide variety of options regarding design, shape, and color. There are plenty of options to consider and you can choose the best color, size shape based on your preference.


Made from recycled rubber

Plenty of colorful designs to choose from

Deep channels that are Ideal for scraping dirt from shoes and feet  


Heavier as compared to other products. It weighs approximately five pounds

Bright color may fade especially when exposed to prolonged sunlight during summer. 

10. Bird rock Half round rubber doormat

This product makes an ideal outdoor mat, it is made from high-quality rubber. It also has a unique half round design that cleans shoes of dirt, snow, and mud. The product includes a decorative design that is easy to clean as well as adding a unique feel to your home.

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The product is suited for removing dirt from shoes and feet, deeply cut grooves of different shapes and thickness penetrate trends to remove dirt. It is made from rubber that is soft to prevent damage to feet when rubbing off debris.

Easy to clean

The product is cleaned by vacuuming, shaking or scrubbing. This product does not retain dirt on its surface and can be placed on the front or back door. It does not get we on exposure to water and contains anti-slip features.

Decorative designs 

The product has a unique design that is different from other products. It comes in a half round shape that is complemented by different sets of rubber embedded within its structure. You get a variety to choose from as each is unique from the other.


Very durable and functional

Made from eco-friendly material

Has a unique design and shape  


Does not have plenty of color options as the primary color is black

The product is heavy therefore not easy to move around  

We have seen the 10 Best Outdoor Mats on the market right now. Each mat comes with different features to boost functionality, withstand pressure from feet traffic while remaining attractive and comfortable on every entrance. Each of the mats we have reviewed above contains the essential factors of the ideal outdoor mat including durable, attractive, functional, easy to clean, and versatile. There are many other considerations you should make when buying an outdoor mat. Below is detailed buyers guide with the various factors you should consider when buying an outdoor mat. 

Outdoor Mat Buyer’s Guide and Choosing Criteria :


1- Durability

This is by far the most important feature of any ideal outdoor mat. Mats are placed in doorways where there is heavy feet traffic so they need to be durable enough to withstand the pressure of different environments. 

A mat’s durability depends on the area you place it and the conditions it is bound to encounter. Outdoor mats made from heavy-duty rubber and reinforced with other materials are designed for entrances with high traffic and extreme conditions like garages, gardens, commercial offices, factories, etc. Mats made with PVC, coconut shreds and other lighter materials, on the other hand, are perfect for walkways with less traffic and mild conditions like home doorways, patios, and decks. 

Regardless of where you place your outdoor mat, it is essential to ensure that it guarantees durability and does not wear or tear easily. If you live in areas with extreme weather conditions, it is prudent to get a doormat with the highest levels of durability and resilience to extreme conditions.

2- Construction 

 The mat’s construction goes hand in hand with its durability and functionality. Outdoor mats are constructed differently using different materials and designs depending on their intended use. Premium quality doormats come with intense construction to help them withstand pressure and prevent wear and tear.

Your ideal doormat should come with quality construction which greatly determines its durability and practicability. Some products are reinforced with more materials like metal, PVC, and plastics with sealed edges to enhance durability and prevent damage. 

The construction of your doormat also affects the investment value of the product. High-end outdoor mats will come with top-of-the-class construction which makes them extremely durable and functional. The downside is that the investment value of these products is relatively higher than other similar products. 

3- Style and Design 

A doormat tells a lot about the room where it welcomes you to. In that case, the design and style of an outdoor mat is an essential consideration. Different styles and designs fit perfectly in some areas compared to others. Although all outdoor mats are designed to fit all outdoor entrances, some designs and patterns fit perfectly in some areas than in others. A garden mat, for example, may have a different style and pattern compared one placed on the deck, patio or other entrance.

Most outdoor mats will come with different designs, color shades and patterns to choose from, depending on your personal preference. It is important to consider the design and outlook of the area you want to place your doormat before purchasing one. That way, you will be able to choose a mat that fits perfectly and complements the area with its design, pattern, and style. 

4- Maintenance 

Doormats need to be cleaned regularly especially if they are subjected to high levels of traffic. No matter how well you take care of your mat, maintenance and cleaning is required and greatly determines how long your product lasts. 

The ideal doormat should be easy to maintain and clean. The ease of cleaning depends on the material used to construct the doormat. Rubber and PVC doormats, for example, are easier to clean than those made with coconut shreds, carpet material or hard cloth.

Some outdoor mats are extremely easy to clean and only require frequent dusting or vacuuming. Major cleaning and maintenance are only done once in a while due to their ability to trap and hide dirt for long periods. Other mats get dirty fast and require regular cleaning, vacuuming and washing to stay clean and prevent damage. Moreover, depending on the material used, design and overall construction, a doormat can be machine-washing friendly or not. Mats that can be washed with washing machines are easier to clean than hand washed ones. Ensure you choose a product that is easy and cheap to clean and maintain. 

5- Manufacturer

Like most other products, the quality and value of a doormat are greatly determined by the manufacturer. Some products are made by reputable manufacturers who uphold the quality, value and offer essential customer services that make their products more appealing than others on the market.

Buying your doormat from a reputable manufacturer prevents you from disappointment or dissatisfaction caused when you purchase substandard products that don’t meet your expectations. It is also easier to lodge complaints about defective products to a manufacturer and get policies (return or warranty) that shield you against loss of money in case of complaints. 

The increase of doormat manufacturers has led to the introduction of low-quality products that do not meet the needs of the customer and cause buyer frustrations. It is therefore important to research on a particular product and the reputation of its manufacturer before buying to prevent disappointments. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do I extend the life of my doormat?

A. You can increase the life of your doormat through regular maintenance and cleaning. Spot cleaning as compared to full was or machine washing can help extend the life of your doormat significantly. Vacuuming your mat regularly also helps extend its life compared to a full wash. For doormats with bright colors and designs, it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight and rain. This prevents fading, prolongs the life of your doormat and keeps it looking new for longer.

Q. How do I know the size I need?

A. It is important to measure the area you intend to place your doormat before purchasing one. Outdoor mats vary in size and thickness depending on the most suitable areas they are designed for. The size of the door also matters to help you choose the right thickness. Some doormats have a thick profile design and only fit on doorways with bigger spaces below. Others have a low-profile design and allow the doors with thin spaces to open easily over them. It is hence important for you to consider the size and thickness of your area and doormat before getting one. 

Q. Can my doormat be used by animals?

A. In a house where there are pets like dogs and cats, it is important to purchase an outdoor mat that ensures they leave their dirt at the doorway. Most outdoor mats in our list are animal-friendly and help prevent your pets from bringing dirt, mud and other forms of debris into your house. It is also important to opt for doormats with high durability levels if you have animals in your home. Most pets play around with these products subjecting them to wear and tear. Getting a durable doormat prevents unnecessary wear and damage to your product. 

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